History/Garment Industry

Ichalkaranji is known for textile activities. It is a major center in the decentralised sector producing gray and finished woven fabric. The local spinning mills in and around Ichalkaranji makes the desired cotton and blended yarns. Some quantities are also procured from the southern states and Mumbai. The use of imported yam is negligible. The fabric suitable for all types of apparels, domestic uses and some industrial fabrics are produced in Ichalkaranji. There are four Industrial Pockets in Ichalkaranji, viz.
Ichalkaranji Industrial Cooperative Estate is located in the Ichalkaranji City and established in 1959. Industries are concentrated in three different areas aggregating to 517 acres. There are 651 units in the Estate. Most of the units are related to the Textiles.
There are about 966 units. Most of the units are related to textiles.
There are about 966 units. Most of the units are related to textiles.
Laxmi Cooperative Industrial Estate is situated at a distance of about 06 Kms. north west of Ichalkaranji City. Total area is 350 acres. At present there are 141 units. Most of the units are related to textiles.
Parvati Cooperative Industrial Estate is situated on Ichalkaranji – Sangli road at village Yadrav. Total area is 266 acres. There are 161 units. Most of the units are related to Textiles.

Garment Industry

First of all, the garment is designed according to the sample supplied by the buyers. A counter sample is prepared and all the components and raw materials details are recorded. Then the costing part of the garment is done at this stage. And after finalizing the sample and the cost, raw material is procured and processed according to the requirements. Then according to design and size, patterns are prepared and the components are cut and stitched. The value-added work is done either before or after stitching operation as per the sample. The goods are checked, finished, re-checked and packed for forwarding to final destination. There are many items produced under the name of Readymade Garments and the process of manufacturing of each of those is too varied to be given in this report. However, the common process of manufacturing is given:
Present Garment Units in Ichalkaranji and outskirts:
Note:-Above mentioned figures are estimated values.